How To Get Rid Of Wasps In The Home And Garden

Types Of Wasps

Types of Wasps

The 5 Most Common Wasp Types

Wasps are frightening little creatures. These have the characteristics of both ants and bees but are neither of the two. One of the most alarming features of these types of wasps is the small and sharp stinger which can be quite painful when it gets embedded in your skin. Bees have those too, but somehow people find that insect a bit more endearing especially with the word ‘bumble’ before it.

Nevertheless, it is natural for one to feel wary about this insect. Wanting to get rid of them is also the first thing that would cross your mind if you see one near you. However, it would be best if you know the type of wasp before you try to get rid of it. Here are five of the most common kinds:

Types Of Wasps

Yellow Jackets

This is the kind which may be frequently seen and is often mistaken for bees. It is called that because of its distinguishing black and yellow strips. These types of wasps live in colonies which contain around 3,000 to 5,000 wasps. This type epitomizes the ‘small but terrible’ adage due to its very nasty sting.

The Bald Faced Hornet

Actually, these types of wasps are closely related to the Yellow Jackets, except that it is colored differently. These are bigger at 3 cm long with black with white markings on its body and face. If you see a gray nest suspended from a tree limb, you might want to leave well alone as this is likely a hornets nest and they can be nasty if interfered with.

Paper Wasps

Besides the first two, this is also considered as one of the worst stingers. It is ¾ to an inch long. It has black wings folded lengthwise when it is still. Different species in this family come in different colors as well – brown and yellow or reddish-brown. It is dubbed as such due to the nest which resembles paper.

Potter Wasps

Unlike the three above, these types of wasps are less threatening. Their favorite preys are caterpillars, a very important part of the balance in the ecosystem. However, it is well known due to the natural wonder that is their nest. Female potter wasps mix a droplet of water with dry clay earth to form a tunnel, pot-like home.

Cuckoo Wasps

This comes in bright and metal-like colors like blue, green, or red. These types of wasps are considered parasitic and they do not make their own nests. Instead, they lay their eggs on the nests of other insects, such as bees and other types of wasps. Because of that, these are not as abundant. However, you will see these around flowers and small shrubs.

Statistics state that every single one of us is likely to see a wasp ‘buzzing’ near you and it is very possible that you can get stung at one point in your life. Despite their fearsome reputation, not all wasps would really pose a danger to your life. Then again, some of us are more hypersensitive than others and, unless you are sure that you are not, you really do not want to take that once in a lifetime chance.

If you are suffering from a frequent abundance of any of the above types of wasps, or have encountered a wasp nest in the home or garden, it is worth learning how to get rid of them safely.


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