How To Get Rid Of Wasps In The Home And Garden

Wasps Nest Removal

Wasps Nest Removal

Five Tips For Removing A Wasps Nest

With newer habitats for wasps unknowingly provided by humans, like gaps in walls and voids in rooftops, locating a wasp nest can be challenging. And when finally you find one, you face a new problem: wasps nest removal effectively, safely and without getting hurt.

If you want to learn how to remove a wasps nest safely and without picking up painful stings in the process, here are some tips for you:

Wasps Nest RemovalWasps Nest Removal

Wear Protective Gear

There is no need to wear specialty gears that bee handlers in honey farms use. Just wear thick enough clothes that will not be penetrated by a wasp’s stinging needle. Also, avoid exposing too much skin. Wear long sleeves and a turtle neck if possible. Cover up your hands with gloves and wear thick jeans. To avoid inhaling toxins from the wasp spray, you can also wear a face mask. Interestingly, sweat can also protect you. If your skin is covered in sweat, that wasp will have a hard time landing a sting.

This is the first essential wasps nest removal tip!

Use The Right Wasp Killer

If you are targeting a low-set wasps nest like those situated on or in the ground, it would be better to use a non-projectile wasp killer. The output of this type is finer and will spread more deeply into the colony nest. For far-reaching wasps nest removal like those in trees, a projectile type would reach the target.

Get Your Timing Right

One wasp will deliver a painful sting. One colony can kill. When approaching a nest, ample caution must be taken. Strike when they are least active at night. Do this after most of the wasps just got back into the nest which happens around sundown. Also, it will help to really be gentle and quiet with your movements so as not to alert the sleeping nest.

Observe A Nest Repeatedly

One strike when looking at wasps nest removal is usually not enough. There will of course be survivors and the population left might be enough for a reemergence. To prevent the colony from getting back to power, you must spray the nest with wasp killer more than once. Usually, 2 to 3 times is sufficient. But keep doing this if you are still seeing wasps going in and out of the colony.

Wasps Nest Removal – Prevent Future Colonies From Emerging

So, did you manage to annihilate this year’s family of wasps in your area? A much better idea than removal in the future would be preventing. Just as summer arrives, set up some wasp traps all over the place in hope to trap and kill a queen. Keep in mind that one queen wasp can equate to one colony of hundreds to thousands. One queen less is one colony less.

Looking into preventative measures can help to stop nests building every year in your home and garden. This is of course more efficient than wasps nest removal each year.


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